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Bride and groom leave Fitzrovia Chapel with an umbrella in the rain

Fitzrovia Chapel Wedding Photography, Westminster

This was my first wedding in a while, as all had been postponed due to the coronavirus. So, my first ‘lock-down’ wedding!

Before heading to Fitzrovia Chapel in central London, it was time for some champagne at Laura’s family home in Bromley. It wasn’t as big a gathering as was initially planned, but this meant for a beautifully intimate, quiet and special day for Laura & David’s families and a few friends.

Charlie, the gorgeous family dog, sadly passed away a few days after their wedding. I was honoured to have her roll over for a tummy-rub & pose for a couple of portraits – she’d clearly done a spot of modelling before. Rest well, Charlie.

I often think a wedding day is as big a day for the parents of those getting married, as it is for a bride and groom. I feel this more since having two daughters myself, as my perspective on life has shifted somewhat. This was such a special moment for Laura’s dad; I now see such moments more clearly through the dad’s eyes – and it can be quite a heart-warming thing to witness.

And we’re off towards Fitzrovia Chapel, in a good old London Black Taxi.

Guests gathering outside Fitzrovia Chapel

Close the door behind as you step into the Fitzrovia Chapel and it feels as though you’re shutting the door in the face of London; along with all its noise and scuttling strangers.

For a short time in the Chapel’s history, this space was theirs. And inside, they were to marry. The Fitzrovia Chapel is like a secret cave – somewhere you may feel inclined to whisper, so as not to wake it from its ancient sleep.

The surrounding area is such a contrast to what you see inside Fitzrovia Chapel. It once sat at the heart of the London Middlesex Hospital, which has since been demolished. It now stands proudly at the heart of Central London’s Pearson Square amongst swanky flats, offices and restaurants.

Laura and her dad enter the Fitzrovia Chapel and through the archway. It’s such a warm and calming place; any nerves seemed to evaporate as Laura glides confidently down the aisle towards her groom.

How is the light inside Fitzrovia Chapel?

Light at the chapel is subtle & wonderfully dim. This creates an intimate atmosphere, but it isn’t ideal for photography. I shot the majority of photographs without a flash (such as the above-left and the next sequence below), on my very high quality Canon lenses and cameras. This captures the atmosphere beautifully.

I also took some images using flash (such as in the above-right) for a crisper look. In this venue, I find a mixture works well to capture and tell the story.

The chapel has as balcony at the rear, from which I captured Laura and David as they walked back up the aisle with their guests either side.

Jumping back into a London Black Taxi and I had the opportunity to grab some elegant shots of Laura and David, in their early seconds of being husband and wife.

Arriving back at their home in Bromley, they were surprised by a socially-distanced gathering of neighbours and sparklers!

And this wraps up a beautiful few hours with Laura, David and their families. A special day. It was announced by Boris Johnson that evening that “as of tomorrow” tighter restrictions would prevent such gathering from going ahead. They were delighted, as we all were, to squeeze this little gem in just in time!

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